Tuesday, December 1, 2015

TEXT-ile Ternion Exhibit

The 2014 Conant Grant, “Museum Collaboration to Interpret History Through Surface Design”, is coming into the home stretch.   I am pleased to announce that the exhibit “TEXT-ile Ternion” will be installed on January 5th and will hang until February 8th at the Sandy Spring Museum.  You’re invited to the opening on Saturday, January 16th from 1-3PM.   I’d love to see some friendly faces!   Sandy Spring Museum is located at 17901 Bentley Road, Sandy Spring, MD 20860.
Tall Timbers #1 is 20" x 33" and based on a wood carved block of the Tall Timbers house from the Sandy Spring Museum collection.   The design was printed onto postcards and mailed on Dec. 16, 1972. 
The museum is fond of short titles, so I was encouraged to be parsimonious with my words.   I named the exhibit “TEXT-ile Ternion” because I get three concepts for the price of two words:  textile, text and ternion.  My work is surface design on cotton fabric incorporating text.  I was delighted to discover while scrounging for a title that a ternion is a set of three.   Bonus points for alliteration!   I am working in a series creating three pieces of art for each set of museum artifacts.

I have been reveling in Transfer Artist Paper, Kraft-tex and Lutradur.   Dye and fabric paints are sloshing wildly around in my studio.   Limiting the MX Reaction dyes to tangerine, strongest red and deep navy still gives me a rainbow of color. . Stencils and Thermofax screens are being created on demand.   My printers are getting a workout for auditioning.   The steamer is taking pride of place in the garage.   Layering for visual depth is becoming more natural.   I’m in love with my large homemade print board which doubles as my photography backdrop.  I got to finger paint with thickened dyes on my vinyl table cover a few nights ago to make my largest monoprint ever.   My grant objectives are being met.  As my sister would say…”I’m in my happy place.”   See you in January!